Tourism And Its Effects On The Country





The importance of tourism for a particular country cannot be overstated because of the countless benefits that are provided because of the tourism industry. Tourist come from various different countries around the globe and therefore, they can increase the economic output of the country that they are visiting because of the consumption that they are doing in that particular country. Tourists increase the consumption of the local courts of the country which means that they are benefiting the people of the country indirectly as they are buying products which are created by the local residents of the country. In addition to this, having a greater level of tourism in a particular country can also increase the infrastructure that is available in the country as the government will likely provide funds that will increase the infrastructure of the country in order to boost the tourism in the country. Tourism can also have a large amount of benefits for the economy of the country as a whole as there will be an influx of foreign currency as the tourists will exchange their home currency for the currency of that particular country which will mean that the demand of the country’s currency will increase and, consequently, the value of the country’s currency will also increase. 

Different Benefits of the Tourism Industry 

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