Steps To Develop Your School’s Brand

Nobody really pays attention to the branding of a school, however in the modern world, it has proven to be extremely important. A school’s brand recognition is built through its quality of service, value system, facilities and amenities etc. It showcases how the customer perceives your school. The better the recognition, the better admission rates, school fees etc. To develop your school’s brand, here are a few easy steps.

 Identify audience

Your school may perhaps have only primary classes, pre-grades or all grades. No matter what, you need to identify your audience. If it is a Montessori, your audience will be parents of kindergarten kids. You need to make your school appealing to them, in a way that is appropriate for a child. For example, having an safety surface playground as a football field may not be appealing to the parents since that isn’t necessary for such kids. Rather, they would like the playground area with many rides and slides. This is the complete opposite for a teenage football player. He would be awaiting to join school to get into the team.

 Value proposition

This is what you promise to offer your customers. A quality service will depend on the experience of staff, facilities, extra-curricular activities, and many more. The customer that approaches you could have various needs. For example, an academic student might look at the quality of your science labs while a sports-students would look if the sports surfaces of different courts are well maintained. You need to stand out from your competitors and hence needs to offer something unique that no other school offers. You could use a great ‘tagline’ to deliver the intended message to your audience.

 Brand identity

This focuses on how you want your school to be perceived by others; which is its personality. Leaving a good impression among your customers is vital and hence define your school’s long term vision, goals, future development plans etc. Such elaboration will make your customers believe that you are serious in what you are talking about, and trust you with their kids. Your school’s personality will also cater to different social statuses. There are luxury private schools with all newest technology for the rich kids, while others may be satisfied with average facilities. So, know who you are planning to attract to your school. Visit 

 Branding guidelines

This is the interesting part while being one of the most important. These guidelines are by which people will identify and recognize your school. The logo, school colours, flag, mascot, school layout and design, school anthem etc. are some of such essential features.