Stay Safe With Hand Sanitiser Charging Station

The world has gone through some drastic changes over the past few months. It is safe to say that self-hygiene has become a more important issue than it ever was amidst the rise of the global pandemic known as Covid-19. It is important that we do not only play our active role in maintaining social distance to minimise the transmission of this disease, but it is also just as crucial that we keep ourselves clean and well-sanitised at all-times. While majority of the countries have resorted to a lockdown nowadays, since it seems to be the only solution until a vaccine is created, people still have to go out every now and then to the store to purchase essentials. There are many markets which have shortage of sanitisers, and not every person may be carrying one with them, hence, it is time for everyone to unite and charging station companies are also playing an active role in it.

Charging station companies such as Ezycharge are well-aware the impact Covid-19 has made in the world, and they are trying their best to play their role in promoting hygiene. They are widely known to provide charging station services to events but nowadays, they have converted them to hand sanitiser dispenser in Australia. That is right, not only you can charge you phones at their charging station now but also stay sanitised. What advantages does this charging station provide? Let’s see.

Sanitising Convenience

People do not have to look around for a sanitiser now if they are not carrying one in their own pockets. You can conveniently get in touch with Ezycharge and keep one of their hand sanitiser charging station at your own shop as well so you can provide the people with a great solution to charge their phones at any time with utmost convenience. No one would have to worry now when they are outside, because they would easily be able to keep their hands sanitised and fight any chances there may be of the transmission of Covid-19. After all, staying clean has become more important than ever, and it is important for companies to play a part in supporting the people in any way that they can.

Charge from a Distance

With the help of Ezycharge hand sanitiser charging station, now you can not only sanitise yourself but also charge up your phone at the same time. They have placed wireless charging solutions at their charging stations, so there is going to be little to no physical contact. If you are still concerned then you can always use the hand sanitisers they have installed in it as well.

Provide the people with the best charging solutions along with hand sanitisation with the help of Ezycharge.