Importance Of Tourists For A Particular Country

Importance of Tourists for a Particular Country

Tourism is an important part of the economy for many countries as it provides a good source of income for the country. Many people from around the globe tend to travel different countries for different purposes such as sightseeing and exposing themselves to different cultures and societies. This means that these people will have to change their home currency into the currency of a country that they are visiting which means that the demand for the country’s currency will increase which can help in the foreign currency reserves that are held by a particular country. This can be extremely beneficial for the country’s economy as the balance of payments for the country will now be in a favourable position which means that macroeconomic indicators for the country will improve.

Importance of Souvenirs for Tourists

Whenever people go to different countries for tourism, they want to have some souvenirs which they can keep for themselves so that they can remember their memories that day and in that particular countries. This means that tourists often demand for quality souvenirs that are representative of the country’s culture and the people that are living there. However, there is a need for good quality souvenirs as oftentimes there is the possibility that souvenirs that are sold in foreign countries are of a low quality which means that they will easily break down during the travel back to the tourist’s home country. This means that the tourist will not have the satisfaction that they need to have a souvenir with which they can remember the country that they have visited on a particular vacation.

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